10 Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler

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    Individuals who work in dangerous environments are required to put on the Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler. Protective gears minimize damages one could encounter when handling machines or other materials while at work. One of the safety measures gears one should have while working is a pair of good safety gloves.

    Luckily there are different types of Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler available on sale to the public, and you only need to find yourself the right pair. Choosing the right glove is not an easy task considering the various options available, each bearing different features. Here is a list of the best box handling gloves you should consider buying.

    Reviews of Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler on Amazon

    Our team of experts researched and reviewed the best box handling gloves to help pick the perfect brand for a guaranteed safety & dexterity:

    1.Ironclad Kong Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler

    If you been buying box handling gloves for quite sometimes now, you are probably heard of the Ironclad brand. This glove is among the most renowned brands that never disappoint users, no matter what. The Ironclad Kong are best known for their protective features. This was released sometimes back and based on the available customer reviews; it’s clear the glove offers perfect handgrip. There are instances when working in perilous environments and in different climate conditions, and you need a glove that will offer you excellent gripping; this is the right glove for you.

    This product offers a tight fit and available for individuals with small hands. However, there have been complaints that the product is rather too tight and not convenient to wear for long. Other than this feature of bit tightness, there is no major flaw. Also, the material used is not as tough as someone would like it to. This intern reduces its durability, but it’s a great pick that will offer value for your money.

    A pair of gloves with amazing features should always be your first pick, and Ironclad Kong offers exactly that. The glove is made using different kinds of material. It’s mainly a combination of high-quality synthetic leather, stretch nylon, airprene, and terry. These materials, mixed at certain proportions, offer amazing security for your hands. The products also have an added part of the thumb made of Terry cloth. The cloths absorb sweat, meaning you can comfortably wipe your face without taking the gloves off. Ironclad is well-known to produce high quality work gloves since several years.

    Box handling is not an easy exercise, and you need a product that will offer you an amazing hand grip. Luckily, this glove will meet your requirements as they own an amazing handgrip. You get excellent control when handling different packages with this glove. Moreover, after all, your tasks are done, you can go ahead to wash them using the washing machine without any worries.

    There are different reasons to buy this pair of gloves, especially if you have small hands. The high-quality will serve you for prolonged durations if you handle them well. Handling boxes all day without the right pair can be quite a big task, but with the right pair in your hands, you can be sure of increased productivity.

    Amazing protection
    Sweat absorbent
    Powerful grip

    Not durable
    Too tight

    Check It Out On Amazon

    2.Superior Cardboard Boxes Package Handling Gloves

    The superior product is best to be used as a cold weather glove. The protective item will keep your hands safe and warm at the same time as you work. This is unique in its own way due to the Thinsulate lining that adds warmth to your hands as you work under extremely low-temperature conditions. Every piece has a cowhide exterior that will protect you from abrasion and scratches while at work throughout the day.

    If you don’t crave for attention, this product may not be ideal for you. It’s only available in one bright color; red. Someone who does not prefer brightly colored work gloves, this would not be his first pick despite being among the best products in this category. Other than this issue, rest of the features are amazing.

    This pair is the best if you are working under moist conditions due to the waterproof sheath. The membrane will protect you from water as you work. The product is waterproof starting at the fingertips to up to the topmost verge of its restraint. The cotton back used to manufacture this product are perfect places to offer extra comfort when in use. The cotton is elasticized to offer users a comfy fit and also a breathable comfort. No other product will fit the comfort offered by this Superior box handling gloves.

    It offers a custom fit, thanks to the top cuff band. Nothing will put at risk like a glove that can slip off while you are at work. With this product on, you are assured your hands are safe, considering they are also punctured resistant. This item is quality embedded and will protect your hands even at extremely cold temperatures. This product also offers superior grip to its users, making it ideal for a number of uses.

    Nothing will offer you comfort like high-quality product that are perfectly designed. This product will offer you exactly that, and there are reasons not to pick it is you don’t mind the bright color.

    Comfortable for sking
    Protection from abrasion and scratches
    Great choice for extremely cold weather
    Punctured resistant

    Cold weather gloves
    Only available in bright color

    Check It Out On Amazon

    3.HexArmor Box Handler Gloves for Moving Package Boxes

    HexArmor Box Handler Gloves for Handling Cardboard Moving Package Boxes
    HexArmor Box Handler Gloves for Handling Cardboard Moving Package Boxes

    HexArmor Rig Lizard is among the perfect gloves for box handling. This pair of glove is also suitable for mechanical tasks, yard works, among other things. The HexArmor Rig Lizard is one of the tops picks for its incredible design. The glove is fancy and looks wonderful. The inside of this glove is made of quality hi-vis material reinforced with seams. Additionally, the glove has an index finger and thumb crotch for increased longevity. The glove also offers a comfortable and precise fit as a result of the SlipFit cuff feature.

    The bad thing about this product is that it is not very durable. You cannot use it for a long time i.e. for several months. Customers constantly complain about the products wearing off quickly when exposed to different conditions. This is the only undesirable feature about this item, but despite this, it’s worth purchasing.

    Nothing will make you comfortable like an abrasion-resistant palm design in a glove, and HexArmor Rig Lizard offers this. The abrasion-resistant feature provides one with a firm grip in both wet and dry conditions. If you are tire of box holding gloves that offer poor grip, this is the right product for you. As mentioned earlier, this is suitable for other mechanical tasks, and the good news is that this can protect you from shock from working machines and equipment. The piece also has a strap at the end to offer a perfect fit and better shield for your knuckles as you work.

    Another feature one should take advantage of is that the glove is easily washable. These safety mitts can be hand or machine washed based on what you prefer. Tumble dry on low setting or hand dry indoors to increase longevity. With this product, one is sure their hand is safe from smash and other impact hazards due to the proprietary IR-X work glove protective system.

    One looking for a work glove that is extremely comfortable and flexible should opt for this particular item. If you spend the whole day handling boxes, this item will not make you feel inconvenienced in any way. Also, the HexArmor Rig Lizard makes work easier with the enhanced grip and extra comfort. Go and give it a try!

    Light and breathable
    Both dry cleaning and machine wash
    Good grip and nice design
    Abrasion resistant
    Protection from shock

    No heat resistance
    Not durable

    4.CLC Custom Box Material Handing Gloves

    The CLC Custom Boxer is a perfect blend of style, quality and efficiency. The Syntrex synthetic palm material from which it is made of is specially designed for durability and tear resistance. Its silicone palm print makes the CLC a great alternative for workers by providing extra firm grip on smooth surfaces. It also has a stretch fit thumb and spandex to make the glove more flexible.

    The high friction grip at the palm and fingertips wears off after prolonged use, however. This could be a deal breaker for workers who use the gloves more frequently. The material used is thin and may tear during use sometimes. So, in short it should not be used for long period of time especially for heavy or tough tasks.

    To provide added protection from abrasion, the CLC Custom Boxer make comes with added padding at the fingertips. The knuckles have an additional padding for more protection against friction. The cuffs are made elastic with a hook and loop closure for support between the glove and the hand. It is a very comfortable make, not too bulky and breathable in comparison to other ones.

    The sizes are a perfect fit, coming in different sizes for different people. With an elastic cuff at the wrist the hands are protected from any falling debris when working. Made of leather, they are attractive on appearance and easy to clean. The perks of the CLC Custom Boxer greatly beat the downfalls, making it one of the best pair available. The material and design used in its manufacture were chosen to ensure maximal customer satisfaction.

    One is not made to compromise on either comfort or functionality when picking the CLC as it offers all in one package. You are promised great value for your money once you purchase these. Its firm grip is particularly useful when handling fragile packages, or when doing task that demands a high level of precision. A great tool for package handles, industrialists and homeowners to use around the house.

    Light and breathable
    Firm grip
    Elastic cuffs with hook and sling
    Added finger padding

    Thin and may tear
    Not durable

    Check It Out On Amazon

    5.Hand Landy Cardboard Boxes Handling Gloves

    The hand landy safety mitts for men and women, are made of a spandex back and a synthetic leather palm. The back is designed so with a mesh design to improve its flexibility and breathability. The synthetic palm comes with a foam padding that absorbs shock and vibration. The knuckles are also further reinforced with additional padding to protect them from friction.

    Despite these great features, the Hand Landy is not water resistant and cannot be used when handling water. Metals and other materials are reported to also cut through the glove easily. This may mean it does not provide adequate protection in such instances. Over an extended period of use, the Hand Landy wears and tears. Holes may form especially at high pressure points like the fingertips.

    The Hand Landy comes spruced up with a touch screen feature. This makes it possible to work and handle the phone without removing the gloves. Unlike most of the mitts, the Handy Landy has an anti-vibration feature. It comes particularly handy when dealing with power tools like saws. It also protects the joints from wear and tear.

    At the wrist, the item comes with a secure closure to fit on and easy remove especially in between tasks. This closure also helps prevent debris from slipping into the hand landy. It is very comfortable and a perfect fit for all types.

    The hand landy is of great use in the industrial field as well as domestically around the house. With the vibration absorption feature, this pair also helps to prevent medical conditions at the joints as a result of the repeated stress. It is a durable brand that can last long thereby cutting down on progressive purchasing costs. The material used to make it is light and flexible for all sorts of handy work.

    Wrist closure
    Added padding on fingers and knuckles
    Touch screen feature
    Antivibration shock padding

    Not cut resistant
    Not waterproof
    Prone to wear and tear

    Check It Out On Amazon

    6.Mad Grip Moving Boxes Gloves

    This quality-guaranteed package handling glove from Mad Grip will fully serve your needs with its amazing design and protection ability. The Mad Grip F100 Pro is an exceptional piece that you should consider buying. This is manufactured by using great technology, allowing advanced gripping capacity. It’s a piece worth having is you handle packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The glove is manufactured using an advanced process, thus the high handgrip.

    Looking at the drawbacks, the Mad Grip F100 Pro is a great pick and will serve you well during winter and cool weather but terrible during hot summers. This can make your hands sweaty, which can be a bit uncomfortable handling package. However, the product will fully serve your needs during the cool seasons well.

    Buyers try their best to avoid gloves that cause blisters and hand fatigues as there are not comfortable. Luckily, the Mad Grip F100 Pro has a seamless cushioning, which prevents blistering and hand fatigue. This means you can comfortably put on the gloves the whole day without any discomfort. Handling packages is simplified by the extra grip offered by this particular product.

    The excellent grip is as a result of the main components used during production; rubber and polyester. With the perfect grip offered, you can use this product to move pebbles and pavers. This is designed to be used during package handling, but the functions are not limited to this. You can go ahead to use it in the garden over the weekend when mowing lawn or getting rid of tough weeds. However, avoid sharp objects as they can pierce through the glove and injure you knowingly or unknowingly.

    The Mad Grip brand is among the best manufacturers as they rarely disappoint customers. Their products are quality based and designed to suit customer needs. Over the past, this manufacturer has been able to make tremendous sales within a short duration of time, and there are no reasons not to trust their products. Enjoy the protection and excellent grip offered by Mad Grip F100 Pro today. The glove is also used to alleviate vibration from working machines making it ideal to use in a manufacturing firm.

    Seamless cushioning
    Amazing design
    Comfortable to wear
    Great choice for winter
    Good grip

    No heat resistance
    Not good for summers

    Check It Out On Amazon

    7.Carhartt Cardboard Box Gloves

    Women face a lot of trouble, as there are only a few great products designed specifically for women. A few of the available options are poor quality and end up disappointing after a few weeks. However, there is one superior brand you need to consider when buying: the Carhartt Pro. This is a tough product that will fully serve your packaging handling, among other needs, in the best way possible. The product is fully functional leave, along being stylish and attractive. The manufacturers had to go an extra step with the design and style to make sure the product is ideal for female customers. This is available in three colors, meaning one can choose a model based on taste and preferences.

    Despite of having many benefits it has offered to the customers who used it and for sure, it’s a great pick. However, anything that has an upside must have a downside. For the Carhartt women’s durable Pro palm, it’s less durable when compared to men’s glove. Most customers claim the products wear out pretty fast, but it’s a great choice to serve you for a short term.

    This is a top pick based on its aesthetic features. The product is a soft fabric on your skin as you use them on your day to day package handling business. The main feature behind this comfortable feeling is the piece of material used during production; 50% cotton, 42% nylon, 8% Spandex.

    The product also does a good job of lessening vibration from the machine and other industrial equipment. This means the functions are not limited, and you go ahead to operate a forklift with the gloves on. Note only the best box handling gloves have this kind of feature. The handgrip allowed by this particular product is amazing, making it easy to do particular tasks easier and safer.

    This is a versatile product specially designed for women. The are best used for tasks like handling the boxes, machine operating, gardening, among others. The amazing handgrip allows one better control when handling boxes. This pair offers a perfect fit, and one does not have to be worried about the product falling off as they work.

    Tough product to handle heavy items
    Stylish and attractive
    Wonderful hand grip
    Comfortable feeling
    Great choice for versatile use

    Not good for long term use
    It can tear up easily

    Check It Out On Amazon

    8.3M KOR Package Handling Gloves

    The 3M KOR is made of a Nitrile Palm Coating, making it more breathable than the conventional Latex Palm Coated mitts used for mechanical tasks. It feels light on the skin thanks to the 3D Comfort Stretch feature. The Durable Power Grip Foam ensures a firm grip especially in the handling of oils and water. The pair is super light, at only 7.2 ounces.

    On the downside however, the 3M KOR is only best suited for averagely heavy task. When used for extremely strenuous task it is reported to tear. It has a rubbery smell that may be uncomfortable to bear. When using on a touch screen, it may be difficult and slow to use occasionally. You can use it for the manual tasks that are not very tough to do.

    As it is very light and flexible, it is preferred for jobs that require a high level of precision. Such include assembling, gardening and box handling. The 3M KOR is designed to be reused for a lengthy period of time. For this, it becomes a cheaper option too. The pair is convenient for using on a touchscreen and also comes in multiple pairs per pack.

    These pair of gloves are washable and are therefore quite easy to maintain. With a knit wrist cuff design at the sleeves, the grip on the hand is maximized. It is made of durable material with a nitrile palm coating. The 3M KOR possesses a high puncture resistance, multiple times more than other pairs of gloves.

    Evidently, this is the best pair of gloves needed for any job out there. They are made with comfort as well as efficiency in mind. Different sizes are available for every type of person from children to adults.

    Light and breathable on the skin
    High puncture resistance
    Allergy free
    Powerful grip

    No heat resistance
    Too thin for heavily manual tasking

    Check It Out On Amazon

    9.212 Performance Box Handling Gloves

    The 212 performance is an emblem of durability, functionality and efficiency. The material used in its design is light and breathable making it comfortable to wear especially over long periods. The silicone grip control palm gives it a strong grip than most conventional material. It is comfortable to use.

    Despite such good features, the 212 Performance may not be the best option where cuts are likely to be involved as it is not cut resistant. The wrist cuff tends to lose grip as the velcrohook and loop straps accumulate particles. To add on to this, a prolonged use of the 212 work gloves is prone to cause wear and tear.

    The 212 is equipped with touch screen sensitive fingertips. These allow you to use your phone in between tasks without struggling to remove the gloves. The palm is made with durable synthetic that is abrasion resistant hence lasting even longer. The cuff comes with adjustable hook and loop strappings to ensure the gloves fit perfectly according to individual wrist sizes.

    It also has added paddings to the fingertips for better grip and protection from friction. The extra padding also makes the 212 Performance last longer with no wear and tear. Both the back and palm surfaces are made of breathable fabric patterns that allow accumulated moisture and heat to seep out, leaving the hand feeling dry and cool.

    Based on the features highlighted above, the 212 performance proves far better than other safety working gloves. It is a great value for money as it does its work efficiently over a reasonable amount of time. They can be used for just about anything domestically and at professionally.

    Extra padding
    Light and breathable
    Firm grip
    Touch screen compatible

    Not cut resistant
    Wear and tear after prolonged use
    Wrist cuff loses grip after a while

    Check It Out On Amazon

    10.G & F1089M

    The G&F F1089M is designed with the latest technology to make it more efficient, durable and comfortable for the user. It is made with a palm material and synthetic leather that has silicone dot coatings on the fingers. The palm also incorporates an abrasion resistant padding. All these kinds of tasks make the G&F F1089M possess high quality grip like no other.

    The cons of the G&F F1089M are minimal. The material at the back is thin and may be preferred for light operations. It may tear when used for a long period of time. You cannot use it for heavy or tough tasks. In short, it is not very good to use for several months. It is less durable and can only be used for a few months.

    The material used to make it is both oil and water resistant. This means you get a firm grip even when dealing with oily or wet materials. The side panels are made of spandex, improving the flexibility of the gloves. The synthetic leather that it is made of gives it toughness enough to resist shrinking or stretching. The G&F F1089M can thus be able to maintain its form and shape over a long period of time. At the wrist is the closing wing strap which is adjustable to anyone’s wrist shape.

    It boasts of abrasion resistance level 4 due to the strength of the palm material. The breathable spandex and synthetic leather keep the hand and glove cool and dry. By preventing accumulation of heat and sweat, the G&F F1089M is quite comfortable to use especially in conditions of heat or moisture. The fact that they are able to resist wear and tear for a long period makes them economical in the long run.

    In summary, the G&F F1089M is a great asset to anyone dealing in light to medium duty work. It guarantees efficiency by providing a firm grip that makes carrying easier for the user too. With all these other amazing features, the user is promised excellent performance and satisfaction.

    High puncture resistance
    Allergy free
    Powerful grip

    Prone to tear
    Only suitable for light to medium mechanical operations
    Thin and light

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler Buying Guide

    Finding the right box handling gloves does not have to be a strenuous exercise as long as you know what you are looking for. Through this buying guide section, you will be able to learn essential things to consider when selecting the right pair. Before making up your mind on which type of pair to settle for, you should make a wise decision.

    Before picking any pair, make sure you consider the following factors to be sure you are picking dependable pair of gloves.

    The type of surface you will be holding

    look at the type of surfaces you will be holding in your job and at what environment you will be working in. You need to ask yourself whether you will be handling wooden cards, cardboard packages, among other rasping items. You need to figure out what materials you will be handling to help you pick the right glove.

    The need to operate devices

    You also need to consider whether you regularly operate computer devices from time to time. If you need to key in data in a computer while doing mechanical operations, thick and padded ones may not be ideal for you. Here you need to opt for gloves that are thin yet safe to put on while you work.

    Working conditions

    another important thing one should consider before buying box handling gloves is your work environment. You need to consider whether you are in cold and hot weather conditions to make the right pick. Different mitts are designed to suit a specific work environment, and it’s up to you to pick a product that will not cause any type of discomfort. If you are using these mitts in extremely hot weather conditions, you should invest in something light. Such mitts tend to be cheap, but they do not last long.

    Size and design

    nothing feels great, like owning a pair of well-fitted mitts. At least you are sure your gloves will not fall off as you start using your hands. You can end up with poorly fitted gloves if you are not precise when measuring the size of your hand. Individuals with small hand fitting should opt for the ones that are specially designed to offer a small fitting. The design should not be a major concern if you do not intend to use the gloves for outdoor sporting events or any other needs apart from work.


    Cost is also a major purchasing factor one should look at before deciding what to buy. To get the best deal around, make sure you opt for multi-packed gloves. Most are sold at fair prices yet offer great protection to your hands.

    Shopping for Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler

    A good pair of the Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler will protect you as you execute various package handling functions throughout the day. It is vital you pick the right piece to protect yourself from unwanted accidents.

    Once you buy an ideal pair for yourself, make sure you take great care of it. The condition of the Best Box Handling Gloves for Package Handler highly influences how well they will protect you.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

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