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10 Best Boot Glove Dryers Portable Drying Heater

We have all had to slide our feet into wet footwear or damp gloves because they did not fully dry overnight in the rainy or winter season. Don’t we need a solution with best boot glove dryers portable drying heater during this very common situation. Besides, we understand that body odor in our footwear or other articles of clothing is embarrassing.

Your sweat not only leaves your shoes damp, but it allows bacteria to multiply, causing odor. However, it seems inevitable that if you exercise hard enough, your skates, ski boots, and gloves do get smelly. Similarly, work shoes, and even sneakers can become unwearable. No amount of washing or spraying with chemicals is effective against this odor. Lucky for you, we’re here to take the guesswork out of finding a high quality boots and gloves dryer to help you fix this problem.

Take a Peek at the Best Boot Glove Dryers Reviews

Here are our recommendations for the best boot glove dryers portable drying heater reviewed to help you dry wet smelly shoes fast and stop bad odor by preventing bacterial growth:

1.Odor Stop Best Boot Glove Dryers

Odor Stop has explicitly been designed to not only dry shoes and gloves but also to eliminate odors. Its flexible design and attachments allow you to modify the device to fit tall or short items easily. Since a timer is included, you do not have to worry about burning any delicate material, in case you forget to check back in an hour. Also, you can use the Odor Stop to warm up your equipment and gloves before you venture out into an unusually cold day.

The drying fan is robust but unfortunately makes considerable noise. In a small apartment or a confined space, this can be annoying. One solution is to use the Odor Stop in the garage, and then you can use the equipment without putting up with the fan noise. Or you can put it in a room and close the door.

Most nasty orders are reduced with one cycle of use. The Odor Stop boot dryer has a special deodorizer that works through the production of ozone. The ozone kills bacteria, mold, fungus, and athlete’s foot. You can use both heat and the deodorizer to eliminate any smells that exist in your footwear or equipment. Or you can use either function independently. With very smelly items, you can reduce the foul scent every time you use the Odor Stop.

The device comes with several attachments which allow you to modify the basic structure to fit tall skates or to direct the hot air to one set of footwear at a time. The user’s guide provides many useful suggestions for configuration. Since the Odor Stop has been specifically designed to eliminate odors, it serves two essential functions at once – to dry garments quickly as well as to reduce odors. This, in itself, is a significant advantage over many devices that are simply dryers. The attachments allow much flexibility of use.

Eliminates odors through a special process
Has a powerful blower and heater
Is adjustable for different sized garments
Is easy to use
Has a timer
Includes a guide with helpful suggestions

Powerful blower is somewhat noisy

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The Peet boot dryer is made for quick drying since the heated air is forced upward into your shoes, gloves, or helmets to dry your garment fast. The dryer is especially useful if you stop partway through the day, say for lunch, and need your footwear for the afternoon. The things can dry as quickly as in 1 hour, or they may take 4 hours depending on the type and thickness of the materials. The Peet is simple to use and includes boot attachments to direct the hot air into the toe area.

However, the Peet is merely a drying device as it does not include any other feature to eliminate long-lasting odors. So, if you have smelly items such as soccer shoes, sneakers, or skates, you will need to find some antibacterial spray or wash them thoroughly before using the Peet. Also, there is no way to block one set of ports to direct more air into one side, as is available with other units.

The Peet boot dryer comes set up for taking two pairs of footwear or gloves with self-explanatory controls. You can simply use air or heated air for the drying process and then set your heating time. The timer makes sure that you don’t scorch your footwear, in the case that you forgot you were drying them.

So, imagine, your two kids are outside playing in the rain or snow. You call them in for lunch and discover that their boots are soaked with water. You can use the PEET to dry their footwear while they eat lunch and relax inside. After about an hour of using the PEET, they should be good to go outside again with prewarmed shoes. How convenient is that!
The Peet delivers good value for the price but lacks some of the sophistication of other available products. It is for drying only and does not have a specialized odor eliminating option.

Dries footwear and gloves in an hour to 4 hours
Easy to use
Good value

Does not have a special process to eliminate odors

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3.DryGuy DX Best Boot Glove Dryers

This unit includes a forced-air dryer for footwear, gloves, and other garments in one to three hours. The extension tubes make it possible to configure the space for your needs. Since you can set the DryGuy DX for heat or no heat, it is possible to dry delicate material thoroughly without any worry about scorching it. It doesn’t take up much space and can fit in your front hall for easy accessibility.

One disappointing feature is that the extensions need to be ordered separately. Also, there is not enough room to comfortably dry 4 shoes at a time without the extensions to give you that extra room. In addition, the base is not wide enough to support waders for drying. The device tends to tip over with heavy or big items. However, not everyone requires this option. Furthermore, there is no cover for two of the tubes if you want to dry just one pair of garments.

The DryGuy DX boot dryer delivers a multitude of temperatures of hot air to dry 4 sets of footwear or gloves. It has a powerful fan, but it works quietly. Just set the temperature and expect to wear your gloves or footwear in an hour or so depending on how wet your items are to begin with.

The DryGuy runs on a forced-air system and does not require a fan. That is the reason for its quiet operation. The operation is so gentle that you can leave your gel shoe inserts in during the drying process. It is even possible to use it on wetsuits. The heat setting is no hotter than 110 F. This setting is also gentle enough for heat molded ski or snowboard equipment.
The DryGuy is a competent boot, glove, and garment dryer that works with a gentle temperature. It runs quietly since it doesn’t contain a blower fan. It is highly adaptable as with extension tubes you can accommodate tall footwear.

Runs quietly and therefore works well in the front hall that leads to a living space
Heat is very gentle and therefore it is unlikely to shrink delicate material
Extension tubes make the device adaptable
Reasonable cost

Dial is very stiff. Young children require assistance to use it
Heat control is not adjustable
Extensions need to be ordered separately
Does not have a special process to eliminate odors

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4.Maxx Dry

The Maxx Dry boot dryer is set up to dry one set of shoes or gloves at a time in 6 to 8 hours. It can handle boots that are 16 inches tall. Under the drying rack is a boot drip tray to catch any excess water if your footwear or gloves are dripping wet. The Maxx Dry can be assembled quickly as there is a minimum of parts.

Most people find that the limit of 1 set of boots or 1 set of gloves at a time very restrictive. Since there is no fan as the unit works through convection, the drying time is extended. At times the rack separates from the base.

The Maxx Dry boot dryer operates very quietly as it does not have a noisy fan but works through convection only. This is an excellent feature for anyone who has limited space or does not want to disturb the neighbors.

It takes only 30 watts of electricity and heats to 105 F, which makes it not only economical to run but safe to use as well. The heat not only removes dampness but also fights odor by killing bacteria and fungus.
For people who have limited space or only 1 set of footwear to dry, the Maxx Dry is an economical solution. It certainly does not handle drying demand for several people. The quiet operation can be a bonus in situations where a noisy fan is an issue. It is so quiet that most people can sleep while it is operating.

Operates quietly
Easily assembled, as there are a minimum of parts
Has a 30-year manufacturer’s warranty
Economical to run
Safe temperature

Does not have a fan and this extends the drying time
Drip tray comes loose
Does not have a special process to eliminate odors

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The LAVIEAIR dryer is a 4 tube piece of equipment that uses forced air and heat to dry boots, gloves, and garments. The switch controls both the temperature and blower. It stands approximately 22 inches high, by 10 inches wide and 10 inches in depth. The extension tubes can be removed when not needed. Since it reduces dampness in shoes, gloves, helmets, and other garments, it also reduces any odors.

One problem with the equipment is that the extension tubes pull out when removing heavier boots. The extension tubes do snap back in, but this is an annoyance. Another issue is that the forced air blower is somewhat noisy, especially for smaller homes or apartments. Since the parent company is based in France, you may have to be persistent in obtaining parts in case of damage to the equipment.

The LAVIEAIR boot dryer will dry most shoes or gloves in two hours. Since it uses heat that dries up any moisture, it neutralizes any odors. If you use the 2 tubes, it is possible to dry 2 pairs of footwear at once. Since the air is warm but not hot, you can use the Lavieair to dry delicate materials such as Gortex without the worry of scorching or shrinking.

The unit comes with detailed instructions that provide sample times for different conditions. The device can be used with a timer and an on and off switch as well.

The LAVIEAIR is an economical but effective unit for drying garments. It is easy to use, and with the timer function set, it is foolproof. It can be turned on for 180 minutes at a time. The equipment is compact enough to fit in most hallways.

Very economically priced
Works well
Easy to use, controls are self-explanatory

Does not have a special process for eliminating odors
Need to arrange the heaviest items on the bottom, so it doesn’t tip over
Blower tends to be noisy
No cover for the tubes, should you want to dry only 1 pair of items.

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The Kendal shoes, boots, and gloves dryer is not configured as many stand-alone dryers. It Consists of 4 hoses and a separate drying unit. When the equipment is wall-mounted, the hoses need to be configured to hand down just at the right height for the shoes you need to dry. Along with the hoses is an attachment to dry 4 gloves. Some people use the device on the floor or on a flat surface such as a table.

While some individuals like the flexibility of the unit and form it into a drying station in their home, other people find it cumbersome to mount to the wall. One other drawback is that there is no way to block off some of the tubes when they are not in use. Another issue is that the hoses are somewhat too stiff to be placed into the toes of footwear.

The device controls are highly adaptable. The timer runs in 30-minute settings for 3 hours. This is adequate for most situations. And the temperature blower has 2 settings: low and high power. Since the boot attachment just ends in a hose, nothing gets stuck in the toe of the boot when you remove the hose.

Since the equipment is so lightweight, some people pack the Kendal for skiing trips or sports tournaments to keep their gear dry and odor-free. It weighs 3.5 lbs and doesn’t take up much space. You can take along only the components you require. For example, for a soccer, baseball, or hockey event, just leave behind the glove attachment.

The Kendal dryer works efficiently, and for most people, it is easy to assemble and mount on the wall. Its weight and configuration are especially suited for travel, so that sports enthusiasts pack this unit to dry equipment for their events away from home.

Easy to use
Can be wall-mounted, therefore less floor space needed
Lightweight and portable
Useful for drying most items in 3 hours

Needs a cool setting, not just warm and warmer
Does not have a special process to eliminate odors
Needs a cover for 2 tubes if they are not in use
Has a plastic smell when running
Can be noisy

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Can you imagine 2 pairs of dry boots within 3 hours, with a whisper-quiet device? That is what you can expect with the TRUSTECH. Or you can dry any combination of boots and gloves at that same time as well. The drying of your footwear has so many more benefits than just dry feet too. The reasonable price of this boot and gloves dryer will impress you.

Unfortunately, the TRUSTECH is somewhat noisy for sleeping areas. It is best placed close to the outside door away from bedrooms. Some people would like a means of securing footwear more securely to the drying tubes.

Keep this whisper-quiet dryer at the spot in your home where you come in to make it a habit to place your footwear on the device. Within 3 hours, your shoes, boots, socks, and running gear will be dry, ready for continued use. Or keep it in your office so that you can make a quick change of footwear once a day to have fresh-smelling shoes all day long. Since you are drying your footwear regularly, you are preventing the growth of bacteria and mold in your shoes. They will be fresh smelling and clean every time you wear them.

The device is effortless to assemble and requires only 1 electrical outlet for power. It is lightweight should you decide to move the location in your home. The “set it and forget it” timer can be used to fit into your daily routine. All boots and shoes should be dry within 180 minutes. So, place your running shoes on the TRUSTECH, set it for 180 minutes to make sure they are completely dry, and carry on with the rest of your day, knowing full well that your gear will be ready the next time you want to go for a run.

Select the TRUSTECH for the practical way in which you can dry 2 sets of footwear at once. Enjoy the “set it and forget it” timer to make your life less complicated. Take advantage of the competitive cost point.

Good price
180 minute drying time
Built for 2 pairs of items
Timer option, set and forget

May not be as hot as you would like
Not to be used in the bedroom due to high volume fan noise

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The Jobsite boot and glove dryer is sturdily built with a significant base that stabilizes the unit when used for heavy work boots or skates. It dries the garmens, depending on thermal air currents to complete the task. There is no blower in the unit. The JobSite is set up for 1 pair of boots or 1 pair of gloves.

The radiant heat takes longer than units with blowers to dry shoes or gloves. There is no built-in on-off switch or timer, so people have to remember to pull the plug to turn the Jobsite off. Since he does not have a timer, it is important to remember to turn it off.

That being said, the device is safe to use as it doesn’t heat to an excessive temperature that would start a fire over time. The blue light in the base does alert users that the dryer is working.

Since there is no blower, the equipment runs very quietly, allowing you to sleep well with the unit running in the same room. And the Jobsite dries boots removing any smell. The slow, low heat drying method does not harm sensitive items such as leather gloves, Gortex, rubber boots, or leather work boots. It is also useful for warming up your footwear or socks just before you want to brave the nasty weather.

The Jobsite boot dryer is effective at drying garments as long as you have the time to wait for the gentle heat to take effect. It is a straightforward device without a timer, on-off switch, or heat control. It works well for people who need to dry one set of shoes overnight.

2-year warranty
Easy setup
Compact design, does not take up a lot of space
Extension tubes are available for purchase
Economical for cost and electricity usage

Slow drying time, possibly overnight is needed
Toe extension comes off with the boot
Needs a timer
Does not have a special process to eliminate odors

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The Manledio is a portable boot dryer that folds flat for your convenience. It contains both a heating element and a blower. The dial provides several times to a total of 120 minutes but no adjustment in heat control. The extensions for larger boots or work shoes are built-in and slide down for storage in one convenient package.

Since the Manledio is suitable for 1 set of boots at a time, it is limited by this factor. There are many warnings with the product that suggest that excessive water will damage the product. The warnings include “DO NOT: expose the dryer to rain, spray or liquids.” Also, the size of the base is quite small, and with larger items, the unit can be unstable. Since it has a blower, the noisy operation can be an issue.

The design of the Manledio has several unique features. The ports of the Manledio are designed to circulate the bulk of the air to the tops of the extension tubes for faster drying capability. All parts stay connected to the unit and conveniently fold down to be stored easily in a drawer or your suitcase. There is only 1 dial for operation that regulates the time of heat. The angle of the extensions can be changed to allow for more stability for supporting heavier garments.

The ease of set up and use are valued by many happy customers who understand its limitation of one pair of footwear at a time. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best solution.

The Manledio will appeal to people who want to store the equipment out of view whether the location is at home, at the office, in the car, or on vacation. It folds down easily and then is quickly reset for use. It is suitable for one person, solving many issues such as convenient storage, portability, and quick drying time since it has both a heater and blower.

Small and portable, can easily be taken on trips
Folds up for storage
Has both heat and a drying blower

Blower is noisy, especially for small homes or apartments
Suitable for 1 pair of shoes or gloves only
Can be unstable for large items
Does not have a special process to eliminate odors

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10.Dr. Prepare

Dr. Prepare is a small, foldable electric boot dryer that handles one pair of items at a time. It not only dries boots but also it helps to fight odor since it has both a heater and blower. The dial has several timing settings to 120 minutes. Most items are dry by that time period. All of the parts stay attached to the unit, which makes the operation of the unit simple.

The limitation of only 2 extensions means that the equipment is suitable for 1 pair of garments at a time. Dr. Prepare services only 1 individual and does not suit a family situation with multiple users. Since the unit’s base is so small, heavier things such as skates require careful balancing. There is no way to adjust the temperature to achieve a quicker drying time.

Since the Dr, Prepare has only a timing setting, it is straightforward to use, just twist the dial to the optimal time and then return to find that your items are dry. The heat setting is gentle so that all materials are safe in the drying process, including leather, fleece, Gortex, and plastics.

The extension tubes allow you to dry long or large items, yet they slide away effortlessly when they are not needed. All of the components stay attached yet fold into a compact package.

The most significant advantage of this equipment is its size, and the fact that it is very compact when folded. It can be stored in a small space at your home, in your workspace, in your car or in a suitcase on holidays. The instructions are handy for making adjustments to suit different drying situations. It is a great solution for individuals who need its accessibility but prefer to hide the device away when the job has been completed.

Very affordable
Very easy to use
Includes a blower and heater

Only 1 pair of footwear at a time
Needs to be balanced carefully when drying heavier items
Blower is noisy in confined areas
Does not have a special process to eliminate odors

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Best Boot Glove Dryers Buyer Guide: Finding The Right One For Your Needs

It is without a doubt that most people are thrilled with their gloves and boot dryers. You need only to Consider the fact that previously they have been using the hot air vents in their home or their oven to solve the problem of wet footwear and clothing. These solutions are very unsatisfactory when there are dryers that can conveniently solve the problem of wet articles of clothing or worse yet offensive, smelly shoes, gloves or helmets. Once they try a dedicated dryer, they have solved a major issue in their lives. And for some families, the dedicated boot and glove dryer solves a problem they faced daily and save us a lot of time.

Determine Your Needs

By carefully assessing your needs, you can select the best equipment for your circumstances. So before rushing out and purchasing the first dryer you find, use the following guidelines to determine what boot dryer is best suited for your lifestyle.

• How Big a Unit is Required?

Before you start your search for the best boots and gloves dryer, begin by assessing your needs. Most of these devices come in a 2 boot or 4 boot configuration. It is crucial to determine how many people will be using this equipment at a time. If the answer is only 1 person, again determine if the need is limited to a pair of shoes or are drying both shoes and gloves are needed?

• How Fast do I need to the Unit to Work?

Many of the devices with both temperature and a blower work quicker than the equipment with a heater only. Do you need a quick turn around time? Then look for units that include both a heater and a blower.

• Is Odor a Problem?

There are a limited number of boot dryers that target odor specifically. Most rely on the fact that dry items prevent the build-up of bacteria or fungus which reduces odor. But some devices have a special feature that targets odor as well.

• Is Noise An Issue?

In some situations, a noisy blower can be the deciding factor in how often the unit can be used. If you need ultra-quiet in your living or workspace, skip the boot dryers with a blower or look for equipment that promise you an ultra-quiet blower. Often customer reviews will expose the noisy blower issue.

• Is Portable the Best Solution?

Some people require a travel boot dryer device in a variety of locations and in this circumstance a portable machine makes sense, even though it may lack some of the options offered by other companies. After all, the most essential aspect of this whole issue is that you use the unit whenever needed.

Conclusion for Best Boot Glove Dryers

And when you find the perfect best boot glove dryers portable drying heater for your needs, comment here to help guide other people. Anyone’s solution can be so inventive. Your idea may be just a small thing to you, but if it solves someone else’s problem, it is more than just worthwhile, it can be life-changing. Wet feet, or smelly odors are common issues to many people. Don’t be afraid to pass on your valuable advice.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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