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We Found The Best Tennis Elbow Brace For Your Pain

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    Whether you’re playing an intense sport or doing some heavy lifting around the house, you might sometimes end up developing some severe pain in your outer elbow. One helpful remedy is to wear some form of support while recovering. We shopped around for the best tennis elbow brace available, and here are our thoughts on the ones we found!

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    How Do I Heal from an Injured Tennis Elbow?

    Tennis elbow can happen to anyone. It is a type of tendonitis that occurs when you end up straining your tendons in your elbow. You can overexert your forearms from any activities that involve gripping something repeatedly. Some examples include tennis, knitting, painting, manual work, and even playing the violin.

    The pain from tennis elbow will often go away on its own, but in the meantime, you will need to stop any tasks that caused your injury. You can use a cold compress to help ease the pain and take a painkiller if it gets a bit too much to handle. For more severe cases, your doctor might recommend physiotherapy or even surgery.

    You will want to keep your elbow stable for now. If you need to continue using your elbow while it’s on the mend, wearing some form of support like a brace or compression sleeve would be a big help. It is helpful for atheletes.

    It’s best to ask a healthcare professional first if a brace is right for you. However, the best tennis elbow brace out there can only do so much if you have a different problem altogether.

    How Should I Wear a Tennis Elbow Brace?

    If you decide to get a brace, you need to learn how to wear it properly. These support types are often made with some form of a bar that will add the necessary compression to the affected part of your arm, along with adjustable straps to help secure it in place.

    First, assess what part of your arm is hurting. You can test this by lifting or squeezing any item such as weights and identifying where you feel the pain most.

    Next, take the brace and slip it on until it’s an inch or so below your elbow and adjust the straps accordingly.

    Lastly, make sure the bar is placed over the right spot by testing your arm. If the pain has significantly lessened when you lift or grip something, you’ve put it in the right area. If not, adjust until you get there.

    The best tennis elbow brace is one that fits you well and adds the appropriate amount of compression while still allowing your arm muscles to move. We recommend double-checking the sizing of a brace before you make any purchases.

    How Long Should I Wear a Brace?

    You don’t need to wear it for long! 

    Tennis elbow isn’t like a sprain where you need to stop using the elbow at all. Your tendons are being overworked, so the best solution is to stop the activity that caused it in the first place. However, if you can’t do this, you can wear a brace or support while you do some strenuous work.

    Even if you have the best tennis elbow brace, make sure to wear it only while you’re using your arm. Avoid wearing it full-time if you can help it; this might make your injury worse, especially if you’re not wearing it properly.

    What Do I Look for in the Best Tennis Elbow Brace?

    When shopping around for the best tennis elbow brace, you have several things to think about. 

    • The kind of pain you’re experiencing
    • The type of brace
    • Materials used
    • Available sizes
    • Compression levels
    • The stabilization feature

    The type of brace you should get will depend on the pain you’re dealing with. If the pain you’re feeling is spread out across your forearm, a sleeve-type brace might be ideal. If you’re experiencing sharp pain in a particular spot on your elbow, a strap-type brace may be better. You can wear both together.

    Most braces are made with either neoprene or nylon. If you have skin concerns, you may want to consider the materials. You will also want to check out the seam type to avoid any discomfort or irritation.

    Sizing also matters. Some braces are adjustable, but only to a certain extent. It’s essential to get a brace that fits you just right. The size will significantly affect the compression level it provides.

    How Should I Wear A Tennis Elbow Brace

    Best Tennis Elbow Brace List

    Now, we’re sharing with you five contenders for the best tennis elbow brace!

    We checked out five brands and types and considered a few factors such as cost, comfort, sizing, durability, and how well they helped us with our elbow pain. We made sure to include some pros and cons based on the product itself before sharing our thoughts.

    Read on to see our bets for the best tennis elbow brace:

    1. Simien Tennis Elbow Brace

    Siemens has produced one of the best tennis elbow braces, but some people find that this product doesn’t last as long as it claims to do. I saw no issue with the durability and discovered it fits me just fine. However, I did struggle because the straps kept getting loose and came off a lot throughout the period I wore it.

    This brace comes with a compression gel pad.
    You can wear it on either arm or even with a sleeve for added compression.
    It comes with a strap extension, so there are more sizing options.
    Its straps tend to be challenging to put on and may not fit people with bigger forearms.
    The price point is a bit higher than the others.
    The brace stretches out after some weeks of usage, which makes it difficult to fit.

    2. FUTURO™ Tennis Elbow Strap

    A friend who plays violin recommended the FUTURO tennis elbow strap, and I can’t help but agree with them: it’s a strong contender for the best tennis elbow brace out there.

    When I tried it on for the first time, I felt an immediate pain reduction and didn’t notice it for most of the day. At one point, some mud got on it by accident, and I was able to clean it and wear it again soon after.

    I wish it came in a more versatile color, like a flesh tone, so that I could wear it with other outfits. But for now, this brace has been an immense relief while I work!

    It comes with a tendon pad that helps relieve some pain when worn.
    People have used this for extended periods with ease.
    It’s easy to clean and put on even with one arm.
    Some users reported the material could be irritating for the skin.
    You may need to adjust the straps from time to time.
    It is intended to be one size fits all but may not be suited for smaller forearms.

    3. Aircast Pneumatic Armband

    My dad had the Aircast Pneumatic Armband, and he’s called it the best tennis elbow brace since he never had issues with it for years! When we finally got a replacement, however, we noticed that there was no adhesive keeping the air packet in place. Other people have reported the air bubble’s looseness; it looks like the quality of this product may have gone down recently.

    I appreciated the beige color and felt relief on my elbow, but it was too bulky to be worn discreetly. I had a moment as well when the air bubble fell out and I had to go searching for it before anyone saw me! How embarrassing.

    It comes with an inflated air pack that adds compression over the sore muscle.
    This brace is available in two colorways, beige and black.
    A non-slip foam helps it stay comfortably on your arm.
    The seams are reported not to be very sturdy.
    The straps are adjustable but may wear off over time.
    In newer models, the air bubble sometimes falls out.

    4. LP Tennis Elbow Support

    The LP Tennis Elbow Support is another old reliable remedy for elbow pains. Some people say they’ve had it for more than five years before they had to get a replacement. So I had to try this brace out for myself! 

    I thought the smallest size was for me, but I needed a size bigger. The customer support was helpful, and I got a replacement in a matter of days. When I finally got to wear it, I found this super convenient to wear and clean. The throbbing in my arm was bearable, and I could continue working.

    For me, this is one of the best tennis elbow braces available (if you don’t mind the color) because it is reasonably priced and can last you for a long while.

    It comes in five different sizes, so, hopefully, there’s one that fits you.
    The design is simple but effective in placing just the right amount of compression.
    This brace can last you a long time.
    The only colorway available is blue.
    It’s made of neoprene and nylon, so it isn’t ideal for people with skin sensitivities.
    The straps may wear off over time since they’re made of Velcro.

    5. McDavid 489 Elbow Brace

    I think this is the best tennis elbow brace McDavid has to offer. The dual padding available on the support honestly helped soothe the aching. This product was another strap I could wear for most of the day without any problems. It didn’t fall off, and even when I sweat, the brace didn’t turn stinky. 

    As someone with a small forearm, I was happy to get something that fits snugly without pinching my arm. Many people have reported that this does not go on their forearm well, so I recommend checking out the sizing chart to see if it will fit you.

    It provides the right compression level for your forearm.
    The brace is entirely free from latex and is made with a breathable material.
    It has dual Sorbothane pads that can provide relief.
    While there are sizes available, it may not fit those with bigger forearms.
    The straps may come loose when doing high-intensity activities.
    May wear down quickly with frequent use

    Our Bet for the Best Tennis Elbow Brace Is . . .

    LP Tennis Elbow Support!

    Admittedly, I’m not keen on the blue color, but the LP Tennis Elbow Support has given me great relief when I go about my day and have to use my arm a lot. It’s thin enough that it doesn’t show under my polos, and I can also use it when doing any exercises. The sizing range is also great for people with forearms that are bigger or smaller than most. I think this is the best tennis elbow brace for your injury for its price.

    I still recommend taking the time to research which brace best suits you and consult a professional. Hopefully, this roundup review gave you a better idea of your options, though!

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