How to Choose the Best ATV Gloves for Kids?

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    Children crave adventures and parents should provide them with proper protection. Teach your buddy to put on riding equipment every time they ride a four-wheeler. This includes a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, and pads. Let’s have a look at the nitty-gritty of choosing quality of the best ATV gloves for kids.

    Gloves are considered essential riding gear that is needed for almost any kind of two- and four-wheeler. Whether it’s an ATV or UTV, or a dirt bike – protective gloves are a must. They bring more safety and comfort when riding. When it comes to kids riding, parents covet the utmost security for their little ones. Riding gloves can keep the hands warm in cold weather. Besides, they could provide a better grip in a hot season.

    There are dozens of ATV gloves for kids on the market. You’re able to choose the ideal size and color. Your child would be chuffed to bits if you picked matching gloves to their riding attire. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations to choose the best ATV gloves for your kid.

    Does Your Kid Really Need Gloves

    Does Your Kid Really Need Gloves?

    Some parents may be wondering if wearing gloves is worth it. And we say, yes, no doubts. Riding gloves are not just trendy apparel with vivid colors. They provide great protection for children when riding extreme four-wheelers. Especially if your youngster is a fan of off-riding.

    While riding on bumpy and mud trails, all the dirt and debris are stuck to the rider. Thus, a riding helmet is used to cover your head. And gloves are used to keep your hands secured. When riding off-road, the rider needs a solid grip. Hence, riding gloves protect the hands from snow, rain, dust, rocks, debris, and other stuff. So nothing is distracting your kids when they are having a blast.

    This means you should look for ATV gloves that best fit the activity your kid is engaged in. Winter gloves have a rather thick design while summer ones are lighter having no padding. Let’s get the hang of ATV glove types and how to choose the perfect pair.

    6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best ATV Gloves for Kids

    Alternatively, when riding in a hot season, your hands may tend to sweat. That’s why most riding gloves have a shock-absorption feature. It allows you to wick sweat to the fabric and dry out your hands quickly. So you’re feeling quite convenient and confident handling the quad. Additionally, some gloves come with mesh patches to improve the airflow and provide better ventilation.

    Things to Consider When Choosing the Best ATV Gloves

    1. Material

    The material used can help to show you whether the gloves are quality or not. Solid gear will sit comfortably on your hands. Poor materials may cause itchy skin and sweaty palms. Depending on the fabric, the gear is targeted for various purposes. For instance, fleece aims to keep the hands warm. And mesh is great for enhanced breathability.

    Riding gloves are usually made of genuine leather, synthetic leather, or neoprene. Real leather gloves are pricey and they need proper cleaning. However, they will definitely stand you in good stead for years. On the other hand, synthetic gear is more budget-friendly that dries out quickly. No matter what riding gloves for kids you choose, make sure they are sturdy and appropriate to the weather conditions.

    2. Quality

    Quality is a top priority. Especially when it comes to a child’s riding equipment. Check the product’s description first before buying ATV gloves for kids. Of course, it might be difficult to check the quality if purchasing online. That’s why here are some handy tips to consider.

    Most manufacturers offer riding gloves with a double-stitching design. This enhances the product’s durability. Especially if you’re going to use the gear quite frequently. Another clue is flexibility. It’s a great option to get adjustable gloves that can grow up with your kid. So you don’t need to change dozens of gear because of the size. You could just adjust the strap to make it sit sleek.

    3. Padding

    Check the density and thickness of the apparel you’re about to purchase. Thicker gloves tend to have a greater shock-absorbing feature. So your child won’t feel the trail changes so much. Such gear is good for the cold season to ensure the hands are warm.

    If you crave to feel all the bumps on the road, you should consider ATV gloves with less density. They are lightweight that is suitable for hot weather. You may face some models that have safety padding on the most vulnerable zones like palms and wrists.

    4. Size

    Pay solid attention to the glove’s sizes. As you want your child to feel comfy on the way. Most brands provide their customers with a sizing chart so you can pick the right gloves. Different products may have differences in the same size. Thus, check the measurement guidelines strictly for the good you’re interested in.

    Make sure the ATV gloves are not too tight or loose. You can check if the gear sits fine by making a fist. The child should feel comfy when clenching. The fingertips should easily reach the palm. And the wrist strap shouldn’t be too short.

    5. Design

    When parents are searching for new gear, they are interested in its quality and price. But kids are checking whether they like its look. It’s better to show the ATV gloves to your youngster to see their reaction. Of course, children crave being at the frontline on the trails, thus they are wanting top-notch riding apparel.

    It will be awesome if you find matching ATV gear. Some brands offer matching helmets and gloves that look stunning. Besides, you may find goggles and boots of the same color. There is off-road attire available with fascinating printings. That would be a tremendous gift idea for your little riders.

    6. Features

    Apart from design and materials, check the glove’s features. These could be stitching design, velcro straps, extra padding, mesh patches, etc. It’s a nice benefit to have some of these extras. Depending on the purpose, ATV gloves have various features.

    The Bottom Line of ATV Gloves for Kids

    ATV gloves are an important part of riding gear for kids. They provide comfy and safe riding when operating a wheeler. The gear features better gripping, temperature control, and shock absorption. Choosing the best ATV gloves for kids may take some time. But once your child gets the proper protection, they could enjoy the ATV ride to the fullest.

    Sagi Shiffer

    Sagi Shiffer

    He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog.

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