5 Best Ankle Braces for Everyday Use

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Best Ankle Braces For Everyday Use

It is so important to take care of your body and avoid injuries, best ankle braces are one way you can do that, especially if you’re always active and on your feet! Read on to learn about the best ankle braces available in the market right now.

What Are Ankle Braces?

Ankle braces are a type of wearable support that can be useful for preventing ankle-related injuries while you’re doing strenuous activities. They also provide ample support for an ankle that’s on the mend. It does so by restricting your range of movement, providing increased stability, reduced pain, and better awareness of your ankle’s position.

These can come in different types and fabrics! When well-fitted and worn with an appropriate shoe, the best ankle braces can be a useful aid in your daily exercise or rehabilitation process. 

Are Ankle Braces Bad for You?

It depends. While the best ankle braces have significant benefits for people who need extra support while they go about their day, using it long-term can weaken your ankle. 

Some people are also wary of ankle braces’ effect on their performance. Thankfully, researchers found that the best ankle braces have no noticeable impact on jumping and balances, so they should work well for most sports! However, they can impede agility to an extent, so it might not be a good idea to run a race while wearing ankle braces. 

One thing to remember is that even the best ankle braces only reduce the likelihood of injury; it is not a guarantee that you will never get hurt. If you’re currently injured, consult a medical professional to determine the best option for your ankle’s recovery.

When Should I Use an Ankle Brace?

If you have never experienced any chronic ankle pain or injuries, you probably don’t need an ankle brace. You may also want to avoid using one if you have knee problems as it could transfer the strain from your ankles to your knees and cause more issues.

You may benefit from an ankle brace if you regularly play sports or find yourself standing or running around all day for work. A doctor might also recommend the best ankle braces while you are healing from an ankle sprain along with some physical therapy exercises.

How Do I Use an Ankle Brace?

Using an ankle brace properly can play a big part in your experience when using one. Here are some tips on how you should use an ankle brace.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. Having socks or stockings underneath helps prevent chafing. Also, using sturdy, well-fitting shoes is essential. Make sure to get an ankle brace that fits you comfortably when you have these on!
  • Use it gradually. To get your ankle used to having a brace, start by wearing it for one hour. You can then add an hour each time you put it on until you can safely wear it full time without getting any sores or marks.
  • Pay attention. Always listen to your body and check your skin for any signs of irritation or redness. If you are using the best ankle braces for you, lasting marks and pain should not be an issue.
  • Keep your skin clean. Avoid irritation by cleansing your skin after each use; avoid any ointments first unless necessary.

5 of the Best Ankle Braces to Check Out

Your ankle will thank you when you get the best ankle braces suited for your needs and use them properly!

1. Bioskin Premium Ankle Compression Brace – Wraparound

A wraparound compression brace that provides excellent support for injured ankles, the Bioskin Premium Ankle Compression Brace is one of the best ankle braces available. It is designed for swelling control post-surgery. The flaps allow for easy adjustment, so you can easily customize the compression as your foot begins to heal.

I find this ankle brace great because it considers what a person needs, especially just after surgery. They designed the brace with a front pull-tab, so using it on your ankle is easy and as pain-free as possible because it isn’t stiff at all. It also has gel pads you can cool in the fridge for a short while to provide additional cold therapy. 

The fabric is trimmable, so you can customize it to fit your foot.
It utilizes a wraparound design and is easy to adjust so you can get decent compression.
The gel pads are removable and can be cooled to provide some relief.
The strap aids in stabilization.
The support provided can relieve pain well.
It is quite costly.
The ankle brace is too bulky for most shoes.
While there are three sizes, the ankle brace might not be ideal for people with smaller feet.
It may lose its capacity to attach over time.

2. McDavid Ankle Brace

You don’t have to get slowed down by the support you wear. The McDavid Ankle Brace is made with 100% polyester and is lightweight enough that it won’t impede your performance while playing sports. 

This ankle brace is built to last for a long time, so it can be a worthwhile investment for you. The figure-6 strap pattern simulates athletic tape and provides decent support for your ankle. It also comes with laces to ensure a snug, secure fit while in use and is also padded for your comfort.

We like that it can fit both ankles. If you only need one for the occasional times your ankle needs support, this ankle brace can be useful to have on hand!

There are five different sizes, so there is likely one that fits you.
It is lightweight and won’t slow you down!
It can help prevent ankle sprains and aid in your recovery.
Three colorways are available for your needs.
The price point is decent for the quality.
The design simulates taping through the straps, so it provides good support and compression.
The arch can be high for some people and could potentially irritate your foot.
It might not be suited for intense athletic activities as it could wear quickly.
It can be a bit too bulky to go under some shoes.

3. ASO Ankle Stabilizer

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is one of the best ankle braces available and is similar to what doctors commonly prescribe for sprains. It has a decent fit, and the straps form a figure 8 to provide support and protection for your ankle. It is also made with an elastic cuff enclosure, so you can easily adjust it for your ankle.

This ankle brace is lightweight and comfortable to use. We appreciate that the lining extends to the boot so that your heel stays comfortable. The low profile allows it to fit most shoes. It is also highly durable and made with high-quality standards.

Well-constructed and made to withstand regular activity.
Bilateral, so it fits either foot!
It has a low profile and should fit under most shoes.
Secured through straps, so it is highly stable.
The price is somewhat affordable.
Sizing runs a bit bigger, and people may have difficulty getting it right.
Somewhat bulky.
It can be challenging to put on, so this may not be convenient when you’re injured.

4. Langov Ankle Brace Support

The Langov Ankle Brace Support is an affordable, compression sleeve sock-type of ankle brace that can relieve ankle trouble such as sprains or Achilles tendonitis while providing excellent support and stability. It is made with a breathable blend of nylon and spandex that can comfortably fit over your foot and is suited for use when playing sports.

We find these so versatile for daily use! The seamless design is great as there is no discomfort from wearing it; you might even forget you have it on. This brace is ideal for people who are sensitive to even small scrapes from fabric or need to use it for long periods.

Our only qualm with this product is that it only comes in two colorways, and both of those have black as a dominant color.

It provides pain relief for most common ankle issues.
The design is highly flexible.
It can fit under most shoes.
The sock includes cuffs so that it won’t slip while you do intense physical activity.
The sock is seamless and is super comfortable.
It doesn’t lose compression over time.
It is one of the best ankle braces because of its affordable price and it comes in a pair.
Since it is a sock, it might be difficult to slip on and off.
These are made slightly thicker than other contenders for the best ankle braces, so it can be too warm to wear in warmer temperatures.

5. Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace 

The Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace’s sturdiness and reliability are gaining the brand popularity among athletes. Even basketball player Stephen Curry has used it before!

The brace is ergonomically designed to provide three-way support through the strap and is adjustable at multiple points, so the fit and compression customization are great. It also allows your ankle to move as naturally as possible while preventing you from potentially spraining yourself.

We think it’s one of the best ankle braces for high-impact sports since the material forms around your foot. With the adjustable straps, it will likely stay secure while you play.

The brace is designed to provide anatomically correct support.
It is intended to be anti-roll and anti-sprain.
The pads are removable.
It has a firm grip, so it won’t slip while in use.
The brace can be adjusted through the elastic strips, allowing for customizable compression.
Its pricing is on the higher end.
Each brace is designed for the left or the right foot. Purchasing two may set you back.
This ankle brace is somewhat bulkier than the others mentioned.

The Verdict

Each one of the products we mentioned made it to the list of the best ankle braces because they have excellent benefits and can suit different needs. You could easily pick out something suited for you!

Our pick for the best ankle braces, however, is the Langov Ankle Brace Support. We chose this since it is suited for daily, intense activities and is available for everyone at an affordable price point. The seamless, comfortable, and breathable design is also a bonus, especially when you expect to use it for long periods of wear. It is an excellent choice for most uses and can help keep your ankle in good form.

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