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10 Best Cricket Batting Gloves in 2021

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    Most batters prefer to wear batting gloves for protection and grip, especially if they use aluminum bats. Some of these items come with special padding for added control. Others have a supportive wrist strap. Many have a white palm, but some have colors in that area too. Best Cricket Batting Gloves in 2021 are so useful that even non-baseball or non-softball players use them for a variety of reasons.

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    Since these garments are comfortable, have a durable palm with a sticky feel, they are great on a mountain bike, when driving a car or a heavy work vehicle or for just walking a trail on a cool day. Admire gloves on the baseball field, but don’t be surprised to see them in other locations too.

    Best Cricket Batting Gloves in 2021 Reviews

    We’ve compiled a list of the best Cricket Batting Gloves in 2021 reviewed to help you pick the right brand for protection & strong grip to boost your performance and control:

    1.Mizuno MVP Cricket Batting Gloves

    Mizuno MVP Cricket Batting Gloves
    Mizuno MVP Cricket Batting Gloves

    When you come to bat, everyone will be amazed by these cool looking gloves with the bright colors and spider design. You will give the impression to the opposing team that you are ready to place the ball for the advantage of your team, be that a pop fly, grounder or bunt.

    Unfortunately, the Mizuno Batting Gloves may have some quality issues as some people found that the stitching did not last, or the gloves wore out faster than they should. Others felt that the grip was somewhat lacking. These gloves are moderately priced. Take care when ordering as there can be size problems. Some of the colors in the photos are deceptive and may appear differently when you get them to your home.

    The all neoprene and Lycra top hand of the Spiderz Hybrids make for a snug, comfortable fit that is also flexible. The durable, triple reinforced wrist strap adds to this effect. On the palm is a super grip technology so that you will hold onto the bat securely. It is easy to tell that the batting glove has been designed to fit and feel like a second skin.

    Along with all of the technical features is that amazing spider logo in 7 delightful color combinations. There is a wide range of sizes from youth medium to adult XX large.

    Impress your teammates and dazzle the opposing players with this display of confidence as you step up to the plate.

    Distinctive spider logo
    Super grip technology
    All neoprene and Lycra top hand
    Durable, triple reinforced wrist strap
    Designed to fit like a second skin
    7 awesome color combinations

    Moderate price
    Some quality issues regarding the stitching
    Colors not exactly as pictures in the photos
    Some sizing issues so measure carefully when ordering
    The grip could be stickier

    Check It Out On Amazon

    2.Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Glove

    Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Glove
    Franklin Sports MLB CFX Pro Baseball Batting Glove

    Since the Franklin CFX Pros are the official batting gloves of the MLB (Major League Baseball), it is hard to argue with their effectiveness. So, the next time you are looking for that home run, boost your confidence with the gloves that work for the professionals.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is happy with the construction of the gloves. Some people found that the stitching was poor, and others felt that the quality control was lacking in their order, as they did not receive a new product. With the darker colors of gloves, the dye tended to mark the hands of people who sweat a lot. Since the price point various widely, you need to search for an economical pair.

    The Franklin CFX Pros are designed with success in mind. The glove is form fit to your hand to reduce fatigue and to give you a good feel of the bat. They are made of quality leather with many exciting features. There is a seamless palm for comfort and Tectonic fit inserts for protection. Yet the glove is not bulky.

    The size range is fantastic, from youth to XX-large size for adult males. And the range of colors seems almost limitless – from solid colors to several patterns and color combinations. There are more than 2 dozen choices.
    When it is your turn to step up to bat, select the Franklin CFX Pros because that is what the professionals wear. Batting is where you can support your team the most. Make your reputation stand out by making every effort to be successful.

    Official gloves of the MLB (Major League Baseball)
    Constructed of quality leather
    Seamless palm
    Tectonic fit inserts for protection
    Fits curvature of your hand
    Not bulky
    Many sizes
    Many choices for color

    Various price points
    Some gloves have construction issues
    May dye your hands if you sweat

    Check It Out On Amazon

    3.EvoShield Aggressor Cricket Batting Gloves

    EvoShield Aggressor Cricket Batting Gloves
    EvoShield Aggressor Cricket Batting Gloves

    Evo Shield is a company dedicated to serving athletes to provide the best equipment for gameplay. It was created by athletes in 2005 to bring revolutionary ideas to the table. With these gloves, it is easy to see that they have been designed for success.

    These gloves are moderately priced. For some individuals, these thinner gloves did not last long. The advice is to save them for gameplay and wear another set of gloves for practice to preserve these special gloves.

    The Evo Shields have a protective impact dispersion Gel To Shell technology for better protection. They are lighter and thinner than many other gloves, without the loss of any protective qualities. The dispersion technology spreads any impact across layers of the composite material. Yet the palm is built for durability. It is constructed of digital leather. The polyester spandex offers flexibility and a snug comfortable fit. The item is also breathable, reducing the chance of sweat interfering with your hitting ability.

    One unique feature is that they have a custom-molded hand shield to prevent injury to the lead hand, whether you bat left or right-handed.

    If you depend on your fellow athletes for innovation, you know that you will be wearing gear that is at the cutting edge of development. This will have many benefits for your skill level. With the extra protection and customization, your confidence will increase as well.

    Designed for athletes for success
    Innovative one-piece PowerStretch fabric
    Custom-molding hand shield
    Leather on the palm for control and feel of the bat
    Velcro pull tab to support wrist
    Protection for left and right-handed batters

    Moderately priced
    Can be delicate, save them for game play

    Check It Out On Amazon

    4.Under Armour Men’s Clean Up 19 Baseball Gloves

    Under Armour Men's Clean Up 19 Baseball Gloves
    Under Armour Men’s Clean Up 19 Baseball Gloves

    The Under Armour brand name is known far and wide beyond baseball. So, it stands to reason that many people have adapted the use of these batting gloves for many different purposes. Musicians in marching bands wear them for comfort, and to combat the cold, people in wheelchairs appreciate their grip for moving their chairs without getting blisters, and many use them for driving. With all of these endorsements, you can expect that these gloves are study, have a great visual appeal, and fit comfortably.

    Take care when ordering as sizing can be an issue. The gloves tend to fit small, so you may have to order a size larger than you usually wear. Also, pricing has a broad range. Look around to find that bargain you seek.

    The base of the glove is 100% synthetic materials with a soft goatskin palm for durability and the right amount of stickiness. The back of the glove includes HeatGear to wick away sweat. There are perforations on the fingers to allow for breathability. The internal tag is provided so you can scribe your name or any other identifying mark. And to top it off, these gloves are easy to care for. You can machine wash them. The pull closure lets you tighten for control or loosen for comfort.

    The appearance is a sophisticated design, including the well-known logo in strategic places. There are 8 color combinations for co-ordination with your baseball gear. The gloves do, in fact, cross over to many different uses in the sports area.

    Yes, use the Under Armour for batting gloves, but wear them also for many different purposes. They make great gifts for anyone who wants to protect their hands from mild abrasion or who require a sticky grip, such as driving a machine for a living.

    100% synthetic materials forms base of glove
    HeatGear on the back of the hand wicks away sweat
    Goatskin leather palm for durability
    On the palm, the fingers are perforated for breathability
    Internal tag for name or other identifying mark
    Machine washable

    Great price range, purchase with care
    Fit is small so you may have to order a size larger

    Check It Out On Amazon

    5.Marucci Signature

    The Marucci Signature is designed with adults in mind as they have an understated, no-nonsense appearance. Take them to the plate with you, as a statement that you are serious about the outcome of the game.

    Disappointingly, many people felt that these garments fell apart too quickly through tearing or the stitching coming undone. At times, the Velcro separated from the glove. They are moderately priced. One other concern is that the white palm may be challenging to keep clean.

    For many other people, the gloves did stand up to gameplay. These gloves have a perforated Cabretta sheepskin palm for durability and breathability. The finger covering is broken up to prevent bunching, giving you more control on the bat. The neoprene cuff can be cinched for extra support and stability. The synthetic covering in the thumb area provides a high wear patch. The stretch Lycra inserts have been added for flexibility and control throughout your swing.

    One exciting feature is that there is a spot for personalization of the glove on the wrist strap. You can add your name, number, or team name.

    These batting gloves will help you look the part whether they are on your hands or hanging out of your back pocket as you wait for your turn to challenge the pitcher. Wear them with confidence.

    Perforated Cabretta sheepskin palm
    Finger covering is broken up to prevent bunching
    Neoprene cuff for support
    Synthetic covering in thumb for high wear area
    Stretch Lycra inserts for flexibility
    Can be personalized with your name or your team’s name

    Moderately priced
    Not for rough play as the gloves tear or come unstitched
    Velcro separated from the glove
    White color is hard to keep clean

    Check It Out On Amazon

    6.Easton Z7 VRS

    The Easton Z7 VRS are known for their well-placed padding. For batters who find this extra perk helpful, you will appreciate the comfort and support in all the right places. If you have never used gloves with this advantage, it may take some time to get used to the extra thickness in strategic locations.

    The Easton Z7 VRS tend to run small, so take care when ordering to size correctly. You may find their tight fit hard to tug on. Be careful not to tear the stitching. The Easton Z7 VRS are moderately priced, but with the well-placed pads, you may come to appreciate this feature.

    The Easton Z7 VRS Hyperskins fits tight for better control. The palm constructed of goatskin gives you the tackiness you need to hold your bat firmly. The VRS padding reduces vibration and blistering. The goatskin also makes the glove more durable. The back of the hand is constructed of Hyperskin with reinforced silicone patches providing the glove with structure.

    The design of the Easton Z7 VRS is pleasing, with the logo well placed on the back of your hand. The two-color combination gives the air of sophistication and functionality. From the moment you put these on, you will feel ready to take on whatever the pitcher can throw at you. Gain confidence by selecting these batting gloves.

    If you appreciate functionality along with sophistication, you will be pleased with the Easton Z7 VRS. Try out the built-in padding feature to see if it can help you step up your game.

    Well designed
    Tacky goatskin leather palm
    Hyperskin Lycra backs for flexibility
    Velcro pull closure for support
    VSR palm padding to reduce vibration and blisters
    Multiple pads for comfort and function

    Moderate pricing
    Fit is small, take care when ordering
    Hard to tug on, may rip stitching

    Check It Out On Amazon

    7.DeMarini Digi Camo II

    If you are into camo, you will love the look of these gloves. Step up to the plate, ready for a battle. If you look around, you can get them at a great price. They have many features that you will come to appreciate as well.

    Unfortunately, with rough play, they tend to tear, or the stitching may come undone. There are no youth sizes, either. Take care when ordering as the DeMarini Digi Camo IIs fit a little small. Measure carefully before you order your pair. The white palms tend to get dirty quickly. Some batters prefer more grip than these gloves provide.

    The DeMarini Digi Camo IIs have a smooth sheepskin palm for durability, and the ribbed backhand is designed for a 4-way stretch. The wrist strap cinches tight and wicks away moisture. There is a silicon overlay on the backhand to give the glove more structure. There are traditional knuckle bends for more flexibility. There is a pull-on strap in the middle of the wrist so you can apply force without worrying about tearing the wrist strap.

    Stand out with these camo patterned gloves. They come in 10 different color combinations to coordinate with your uniform. They include scarlet, royal, red-white–blue, purple, orange, optic, navy, dark green, maroon, and black. Surely, with this much choice, you can find the one to suit your tastes.

    Make an awesome impression wearing these distinct batting gloves.

    Can be obtained at a great price
    Sheepskin leather palm for stickiness and durability
    4 way stretch backs for flexibility
    Sturdy wrist strap
    Silicone overlay for structure
    Relief along the knuckle bends for comfort
    10 color combinations

    No youth sizes
    Sizes run small, take care when ordering
    Needs more grip
    Can tear with rugged play
    All white palm tends to get dirty

    Check It Out On Amazon

    8.Rawlings Workhorse

    The Rawlings Workhorse gloves are made for adult players who prefer a thicker, more padded set of gloves at the plate. They have a traditional feel as opposed to the more recent thinner leather palm glove or the new synthetic palm. If you have been playing ball for some time, these may be just the type of items you prefer, and they come at a reasonable price.

    One word of caution is that the gloves are made small. You will probably need to order one size up from what you are used to wearing. Some people had problems with the stitching coming loose after a short time. The wrist closure is elastic with Velcro; there is no compression wrap.

    The Rawlings Workhorse gloves are known for their durability as the leather on the palm is thicker than other brands. The palm pad is made from Oiltac leather which has been treated to be both water and sweat resistant, making for a very positive grip. It has extra thick padding for the reduction of vibration and to reduce blistering. The dynamic fit system also provides excellent flexibility. The perforated fingers ensure great breathability. The treatment at the knuckles makes it easier to grip the bat tightly. The elastic wrist wrap offers extra support. Interestingly they are designed to fit right or left-hand batters, specifically.

    The Rawlings Workhorse gloves will appeal to players who prefer a traditional style. There is a choice of\ different colors with one called the USA, styled after the American flag. Rawlings is well known to lunch one of the best baseball gloves available on the markets.

    The Rawlings reputation takes this set of batting gloves out of the baseball field and into other areas of use. You can expect to see them as driving gloves, golfing gloves, or even as general-purpose gloves. The durability appeals to a wide range of people.

    Good price point
    Made for adult players
    Oiltac leather palm pad, high degree of water and perspiration resistance
    Dynamic fit
    Elastic and Velcro wrist strap

    Made small, think about ordering a size larger than normal
    Some issues with stitching
    No compression wrap

    Check It Out On Amazon

    9.Clutch Sports

    If you are proud of being born int the USA, you will enjoy wearing these Clutch Sports flag designed gloves. If you don’t like the look of the American flag, you can choose from 8 other unique designs. These include a camo look, pink and black and grey and white. Along with the patriot look comes several features to improve your skill level.

    There are some negative aspects of the Clutch Sports. They are moderately priced and therefore, may not be the best bargain you can find. There are some stitching issues, especially for rigorous play situations. Some of the dark colors may stain your hands. The white palms do get dirty quickly. These gloves do not cling tightly to your hand, so in some situations, there is bunching on the back of the hand.

    But these interlocking designs look stunning as soon as you get into position for batting. There is a restriction-free back of the hand for your comfort. The palm is covered with silicone for an enhanced grip. The fingers are pre-curved, reducing any fatigue as they are a natural fit. The mesh inserts and perforations in the fingers provide breathability. The wrist can be cinched for extra support.

    If you like to demonstrate your patriotism, you will be proud to wear several of the Clutch Sports that are reminiscent of the American flag. However, there are some other bold, creative designs to appeal to different tastes. There are both adult and youth sizes. They are interchangeable for both left and right-handed batters.

    Select the Clutch Sports if you are looking for moderately priced, statement batting gloves. The Clutch Sports have many features to enhance your skills, but they also set you apart as an individual.

    Pre-curved fingers for comfort
    Performance Palm for grip, silicone design
    Mesh provides breathability
    Flexible back of the glove
    Interchangeable for left and right handed batters
    American flag motif

    Moderate price
    Dark colors may stain hands
    White palms can get dirty quickly
    Some bunching on the back of the hand

    Check It Out On Amazon

    10.Louisville Slugger Genuine 

    Louisville Slugger is rooted in history and tradition and will continue to expand and flourish. The business has recently gone much further than bats, piloting performance technology developments by producing gear from batting gloves and helmets to training player aids and accessories. The brand strives to deliver a high-performance ensemble so that you can get the best out of them.

    Firstly, let us visit the downside. The Louisville Slugger Genuine batting gloves possess some primary flaws that are worth mentioning. The material of these gloves is too thin. They lack in both durability and quality. You will notice them wearing out pretty soon. As the content is cheap and too thin, they are likely to rip apart more easily and more quickly.

    While on the brighter side of this product, many brilliant features are present to impress and appeal to you. The synthetic and embossed palm of these gloves offers you a better grip of the bat so that you can hit the ball at your maximum potential. With the no-slip grip, you would never lose the bat out of your hand, and your performance will never get affected. They are extremely comfortable to wear and play as they do not possess any bulk.

    The neoprene wrist strap gives you robust and firm support to deliver your best performance. One massive benefit is that these gloves do not restrict your freedom of movement as they are highly flexible. Moreover, they possess a brilliant ventilating system to make sure your hands stay dry while you hit. They are available in both white and black colors to suit your style and kit perfectly.

    All in all, the Louisville Slugger Genuine gloves are amazing in terms of specifications. But, when it comes to quality and durability, these products force us to look elsewhere. However, the flexibility they offer in combination with the grip is unmatchable.

    Synthetic palm
    Embossed palm
    No-slip grip
    Neoprene wrist strap for support
    Highly flexible
    Stretch Lycra on the backhand
    Available in both white and black colors
    Perfect fitting

    Low quality
    Rips easily
    Too thin

    Check It Out On Amazon

    Buyers Guide For Cricket Batting Gloves

    When you step up to the plate, you know that all of your team is rooting for you to perform in a stellar manner. It is an intense moment, as the pitcher looks for methods to burst your bubble. You need to look and feel your best at that critical moment. One of the details that will make a difference is your batting gloves. You need control over the bat, confidence that you will feel no sting or vibration, and a look that conveys your competence. While some aspects of these 10 gloves are signature to the brand, many features are standard across all makes.

    Good Grip on the Palm

    Here is where the rubber hits the road. The palm of the glove is in direct contact with the bat. Different types of leather are favored by various players for the grip they provide. You will see sheepskin, pigskin and goatskin. The leather is rugged and more traditional. On the other hand, some gloves come with a synthetic palm. Since the material is thinner, they do assure more feel. They can be easily cleaned, as well.

    Flexible Back of the Hand

    To maintain control of the bat, it is essential to exert pressure where you need it most. Flexible gloves allow you to do just that.


    You need structure to reduce any hand fatigue. The pull of a good glove supports your hand from getting tired. The glove must fit securely to pull off that perfect swing.

    Special Padding

    Some gloves have special padding on the palm to provide an advantage for control of the bat as well as dealing with vibration or sting when you make contact with the ball. Many players insist that the padding is a positive feature, while others see it as a hindrance. Some gloves have padding or a molded hand shield to protect your hand, if the pitch makes contact, in error.

    Wrist Strap

    Most batt gloves have a strap that can be cinched down to hold the glove in place. In some makes, there is a place in the wrist area to customize the glove with your name or number or team name. Some wrist straps have a high profile, thus giving more support. While the low profile wrist strap is for the player who seeks mobility.


    With some gloves, the knuckle area is made more flexible to provide better control over the bat as you swing and make contact with the ball.

    The Look

    Everyone performs better when they are confident. Part of your confidence can come from knowing you have the best equipment for you and displaying to the world that you are prepared. For some people that is wearing the gloves that the pros select. While others prefer to express their confidence through logos or patterns of choice. At times the entire team will take up a brand that works for them.

    Cricket Batting Gloves FAQs & Answers

    let’s start:

    Do Cricket Batting Gloves make a difference?

    Possessing numerous benefits, Cricket Batting Gloves gloves are as important as any other baseball equipment. For most matches, baseball gloves provide a safer and more reliable grip on the bat. The palms begin to sweat under warmer weather situations, and using batting gloves will help you to have a firm grip around the bat. Baseball gloves can help prevent shaking and discomfort when the temperature becomes chilly. Moreover, they are also useful in providing high protection from blisters that you may encounter while playing.

    Are baseball, softball and Cricket Batting Gloves gloves the same?

    The main objective of both baseball and softball batting gloves tend to be the same. They both are manufactured to provide adequate grip and protection to the batter. Moreover, they are made breathable so that the player does not have to face any unwanted moisture. Wearing these gloves will allow the batter to avoid the tough weather conditions as well. Unlike pitching gloves, the Cricket Batting Gloves have nothing to do with the size of the ball, so both the game players can use the same ones.

    Can a pitcher wear a batting glove under his glove?

    When throwing, no pitcher can wear a batting glove under the pitching glove. MLB laws have proscribed a pitcher from trying to wear a batting glove beneath his pitching glove. This could be a distraction to the hitter as well as a breach of Law 1.15(a).

    Can you wash batting gloves in the washing machine?

    Never try to wash a batting glove with a washing machine. Since they use leather for extra strength in the hands, they will be destroyed by using a washing machine or a dryer. Many suppliers, though, produce batting gloves completely from synthetic materials. These synthetic gloves are mostly easy to wash with the help of a washing machine as they support machine wash.

    How do you make Cricket Batting Gloves sticky?

    If you want to make you batting gloves stickier, here is a simple solution to do so. Grab a wipe; you can have either a baby wipe or a Clorox wipe too, before each match. Afterward, efficiently wipe the gloves. The best way of doing this is to place a wipe on your gloves after wearing them and rub it in your gloved hands. Ensure that you’re getting your fingers in this process too. By doing so, ultimately, you should start feeling that they are becoming more gripped.

    Conclusion of Best Cricket Batting Gloves in 2021

    You can examine the various aspects, but the truth of the matter is that preference plays a big role in selecting Cricket Batting Gloves in 2021. With experimentation, you will get to know what will work for you. We hope that our guide will help you make an informed choice.

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