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10 Best Anti Vibration Gloves for Jack Hammer and Sanding


You may have used many types of best anti vibration gloves for jack hammer and sanding to protect your hands while you grip the handlebars of the tamper, floor polisher, or a heavy-duty sander. With continued repetitive use of your hands in this manner, you are starting to feel the fall-out of the day to day abuse. Now you are searching for the best work gloves that can handle the vibration too.

For this added feature, you are willing to pay an extra fee to protect your hands and arms. Besides, if you are in a work situation, the pair must be certified for the level of work that you need to perform.

Alternately you may be looking for gloves that provide anti-vibrating qualities because you have developed a specific issue such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. You possibly need this protection doing day to day tasks such as mowing the grass, riding your motorcycling, or even sanding wood for a home project in your shop.

Top 10 Best Anti Vibration Gloves for Jack Hammer and Sanding Reviews

Take a look at the best anti vibration gloves for jack hammer and sanding to protect your hands reviewed for a guaranteed full protection & dexterity to enjoy working and preventing hand injuries:

1.Intra-FIT Best Anti Vibration Gloves

Intra-FIT has been supplying workplace hand wear for over 20 years with a standard that includes quality, professional design, trustworthiness, and respect. These gloves will exceed your expectations in many areas. If you are suffering from numb hands or other vibration related conditions, you need to consider the Intra-FIT.

For the cost-conscious worker, you may find the Intra-FIT expensive. Take care with accurate measuring of your hand when you order, as the pair tend to fit small. Some people may need more protection for the back of the hand in some work conditions than the Intra-FIT provide.

If you are required to use certified Personal safety equipment at work, you will be pleased to know that the Intra-FIT is EN ISO 10819:2013 certified. This equipment is constructed with quality materials for your protection as well as comfort: 50% polyurethan, 20%anti-vibration foam, 15%polyester 10%neoprene, and 5%lycra. The special anti vibration pads on the palm extend to all of the fingers, as well. They have a great grip to grasp tools while preventing Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS). The material is breathable, yet these pairs also hold the heat in colder conditions.

Many individuals in the mining, forestry, agriculture, and construction industries use the Intra-FIT, but they are affordable to use in a home environment to stop vibration that may cause pins and needles in your hands. They can be helpful for drilling, weeding, using a chainsaw, or even mowing the lawn.

If you are bothered by vibration, need a sturdy pair of breathable gloves with a safety rating, look no further than the Intra-FIT. Use them to complete a work task or put them on for extra protection at home for all of those “to do” jobs. Your hands will thank you for wearing them.

Anti-Vibration, 6mm thick
Wear-resistant palm
Heat preservation
Excellent stretch
Great Grip

Fits small on some people, take care when ordering
More hand protection on the back may be required

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2.Cestus TrembleX Construction Anti Vibration Gloves

Does your work environment require ultimate dexterity? Do you need to use a cell phone or key in information often during the day? The Cestus is a fingerless yet sturdy glove that can satisfy all of your needs. The name says it all – sturdy, built for flexibility and long-lasting wear. These are named after the Roman gladiators, but they carry all of the modern-day features you need. The Cestus is suitable for impact tools or vibrating tools in demolition, construction, pit crew, chainsaw artist, tree trimming, motorcycle riding, and industrial work.

One aspect with which you need to take care is sizing as they are a tight fit. For some individuals, they are on the pricier side. And if you need full coverage, the open figures will not give you suitable protection.

If you suffer from tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, the Cestus can be the answer to your vibration issues. The hexagonal memory gel pads provide ample anti vibration capabilities with great grip. Yet the Cestus are covered with abrasion-resistant material for prolonged-lasting use. They will fit your hand snugly due to the spandex material and the wrist closure system. There is even a convenient pull tab for getting into the Cestus fingerless anti vibration gloves. The pair are breathable.

When you need to clean the Cestus, you can just wash them and then hang them to dry. How convenient is that? With a clasp, you can use the loop on the pull tab to clip them together so you won’t tend to lose one of these gloves.

The Cestus is a very sturdy answer to your vibration problems. They have cutaway fingers giving you extra dexterity for fine handwork or holding delicate parts. They are great for work environments but are also handy at home for tasks around the house.

Useful for people with carpal tunnel syndrome
High dexterity with cutaway fingers
Abrasion-resistant, knuckle padding
Silicone covered hexagonal memory gel on palm, good grip
Form-fitting due to spandex
Adjustable wrist closure
Pull-on loop and clip together option
Washable, hang dry

Fits tight, take care when ordering

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3.Superior S10VIB Roadwork Anti Vibration Gloves

Are you encountering excessive vibration at work or doing tasks around the house? If so, the Superior S10VIBs will eliminate the source of the problem. They are rated with the EN ISO/ANSI standard for vibration reduction. Their features will solve your issues, but their costs will make you smile. They are the best work gloves and relatively inexpensive for the relief they bring.

Unfortunately, the Superior S10VIBs are not waterproof.

Their full hand covering along with a thick layer of vibrastop and the seamless design provide the safety features you are seeking. The elastic wristband and the snug fit means that you won’t catch them easily while giving you the control you need to manage dangerous power tools. The seamless construction eliminates any binding as well as ensuring a comfortable feeling. They are engineered for repetitive impact caused by pneumatic tools.

And when you get them dirty, not a problem because you can hand or machine wash them. Then hand them to dry.

You can wear the Superior S10VIBs for work, knowing that you are well protected as well as vibration-free, but don’t hesitate to put them on for other reasons such as mowing the lawn or riding your motorcycle. They are built for heavy-duty applications, but their appearance makes them fit for many activities in your lifestyle.

Made of nylon vibrastop, with full finger coverage, 7 gauge thickness
Seamless construction for comfort
Knit material provides a snug fit without binding
Elastic wrist
Hand wash or machine wach

Not waterproof

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4.DeWalt DPG250 Best Anti Vibration Gloves

Along with the line of the popular DeWalt tools are the DeWalt gloves, designed and priced specifically for getting that task completed at work and around your home. You will be delighted to use them, especially if you are working with tools that vibrate excessively. No more do you need to aggravate your carpal tunnel syndrome or suffer from numb hands. The Dewalts have many features to attack every task you can throw at them. They are well made, durable, and fit snugly for your safety.

But we wary in fitting them as they are a tight fit. Some people find the thumbs especially snug. Unfortunately, the outside covering is not as abrasive proof to tackle all tasks. Although their bulk is a great insulator, it does interfere with dexterity.

The DeWalts are constructed with 85% poly, 10% cotton, and 5% spandex. This combination of materials makes sure that they are a snug fit, washable, and with a leather covering in the palm they stand up to many jobs. They are also water and oil resistant, with the leather palm giving great grip. The nylon gusset covers your skin for protection while the wrist closure ensures a snug fit. The terry cloth thumb will give you extra comfort in sweat removal.

Do you work with sanders, routers, grinders, or finishers? You will really appreciate this safety equipment. The DeWalts are superior for vibration as the foam padding is strategically placed for that purpose. They are rumored to be the best in their field, with many glowing testimonials.

You know the brand name and possibly have matching tools that you use daily. The DeWalts stand up to the tough conditions for most applications on the job site, but they are equally valuable for those to-do lists around the house. When concerned about vibration, select these gloves that are especially designed for that purpose.

Reasonably priced
Foam padding to combat vibration
Water and oil resistant
Leather palm for exceptional grip and durability
Full hand protection
Wrist closure for a snug fit
Terry cloth thumb for sweat removal

Not abrasive proof tends to rip or come unstitched
A little bulky, not dexterous
Thumb too short
Not waterproof

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5.Hand Landy Shockproof Anti Vibration Gloves

When you first glance at the Hand Landy set, you can just tell that they are built for tough jobs that involve vibration. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, construction worker, miner, oil, and gas refinery worker, search and rescue expert, or from any demanding situation, you immediately appreciate the well-engineered overall design for safety and durability.

There are a few problems that become evident over time. The Velcro closure for the wrist does not stand up to repeated use. While the bulk of the Hand Landy keeps you warm in cooler weather, it does so with a loss of dexterity. Also, the bulk of the glove makes them too hot in warmer weather. The covering is not water-resistant.

The Hand Landys are anti vibration gloves with specialized padding on both sides. On the palm, the padding is strategically placed over the palm, thumb, and fingers with reinforcement between the thumb and first finer for grip. With these features, the amount of vibration reduction is noticeable. On the outside of the Hand Landy is another layer of significant padding to protect the back of your hand. But the design is divided into sections to also provide flexibility. They are certified o EN ISO 10819:2013 standards. It is easy to pull the Hand Landy’s on as the opening is large enough, but they fit snug once the Velcro strap is closed. All of these features come with a cost-effective price.

The knit mesh is breathable and spandex is used throughout the glove for flexibility. The appearance of the Hand Landy is very appealing as the design screams high tech, and the color gets your attention.

If you are in a situation where you need hand protection that is certified, the Hand Landys are perfect for you to protect your hands from vibration as well as abrasion. When you go to purchase them, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost.

Inner padded patch for thumb, palms, and fingers for vibration
Full hand coverage for protection
Flexible fit design
Reinforcement between thumb and forefinger for grip

Problem with velcro on the strap
Can be bulky
Can be hot in warm climates
Not water resistant

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6.Ergodyne ProFlex

Upon first sight of the Ergodyne ProFlex, you would suspect that they are built for the specific purpose of reducing vibration, while providing you with flexibility.

The thick pads on the interior of the Ergodyne ProFlex make it challenging to pick up and handle small items such as hardware or small tools. The vibration-reducing properties are not as capable as some more expensive gloves. While the back of the gloves gives great flexibility, they do not protect that area of your hands from damage. If you operated any tool through a finger trigger mechanism, you will find that the trigger finger becomes tired due to the bulkiness of the padding. While they do reduce vibration, they do not stand up for work that includes abrasive situations. You may have to switch gloves in the middle of your job when you switch tasks. Unfortunately, the sizes do not typically fit women.

For individuals who must purchase certified safety gear, it is important to note that the Ergodyne ProFlex meets the ANSI S2.73/ISO 10819-1996 standards. They have significant padding on the interior of the set, yet the padding is designed for flexibility. The knit exterior is lightweight and also is built for flexibility and breathability. The pre-curved design adds comfort to your day, and the elastic cuff keeps the gloves in place.

If you cut weeds, run a mower, use a hand sander, or any other high vibration work environment, you will appreciate the low cost and effectiveness of the Ergodyne ProFlex. Also, you can use them to ride your motorcycle, run the leaf blower, or for using hand tools in the garage.

So, if you work in a situation where the primary concern is vibration, the cost-effective Ergodyne ProFlex will serve your needs. Keep in mind they are not flexible enough for picking up anything that is small and do not significantly protect the backside of your hand.

Great padding in the palms for anti-vibration
Knit construction for flexibility
Pre-curved design for comfort
Elastic cuff for security

Not built for high abrasion tasks
No significant protection on the back of the hand
Not wind or rainproof

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7.Seibertron Best Anti Vibration Gloves

Just one glance at the Seibertrons will tell you they are built for a highly specific purpose. They are certified for oil and gas drilling but can be used in many different circumstances. Their many attributes provide good quality coverage as well as anti vibration capabilities. This set is available at a reasonable price too. So, if you are searching for quality personal safety equipment, the Seibertrons could be your answer.

When new, the gloves are a stiff fit and tend to be a little small. Take careful measurements when ordering.

Is tingling in your fingers or whole hand bothering you? Have you developed tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome? You definitely need a pair of anti-vibrating gloves. The Seibertrons are certified to CE EN388 3541 M standards suitable for many work purposes, including oil and gas drilling, extraction and refining, fracking, tool pushing, mining, demolition, and heavy construction.

The Seibertrons are made from cut resistant material for your protection. They are 8 times more durable than the regular synthetic leather. The palm provides ultimate grip, even on oily surfaces. The vibration rating is at 80% impact absorption, with 90% knuckle impact absorption. You can easily pull on the Seibertrons by using the durable pull tab. There are 7 sizes for an exact fit. Some other safety features include highly reflective tape on the wrist, palm with Kevlar threads for stitching, one-piece palm and neoprene on the palm and back of the hand.

If you are looking for safety equipment related to the oil and gas industry or heavy-duty applications, you will be impressed by the quality of the Seibertrons along with the certification level. The anti vibration effect is rated high, and the durability of the material is excellent.

Reasonable price
Good dexterity – can grab tools and even pencils
Reduce vibration well
Fits well, very comfortable
All hand protection
Pull-on tab for convenience
Kevlar stitching for durability

Not a soft feeling
Fits small

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8.Tillman 52 Construction Anti Vibration Gloves

The Tillmans are technically an anti vibration welding glove, but they can be used for a variety of circumstances. Since they are made of good quality leather, you can depend on their durability. Besides anti-vibration, they have many other aspects that make this pair a great choice for many situations.

But the thickness of the protective material inhibits the dexterity of the glove. It is more difficult to pick up small parts or tools. While they are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. Unfortunately, they do not make this pair in small.

The Tillmans were a popular design when there was no anti vibration included. Now with the new anti vibration gel pads built-in, they made an excellent solution in the work environment. The grain/split cowhide is very durable while guarding against any burn throughs. The fleece inside has been included for extra heat protection. The palm has an additional cowhide split reinforcement. The elastic on the 4-inch cuff ensures that the Tillmans are a snug fit. The stitching is Kevlar, for longevity.

The Tillmans have been one of the best welding gloves available on the markets, but many individuals use them for other purposes as well. Use them for full protection in working around the house, using the leaf blower, sanders, or tampers. Their attractive look is also suitable for riding motorcycles, ATVs or snowmobiles in the winter months.

Welders will appreciate the added comfort of the gel pads that provide anti vibration capability. But once you have experienced their comfort, you will use Tillman 52 gloves in other applications, too.

Affordable price
Made for welding
Very comfortable
Good anti-vibration quality
Durable leather protection with long cuffs
Snug fit for safety
Attractive appearance

Come in large
Not very dexterous
Not water-proof

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9.Youngstown Best Anti Vibration Gloves

These multi-purpose gloves are useful for many applications from gardening, to hedge trimming, sanding, and chain saws. They have many health and safety features that make them superior to the run of the mill work gloves. Yet the price is quite reasonable.

The Youngstowns are for general jobs and do not have any rating. Many people found them a snug fit, so it is advisable to order a size larger than you usually wear. After months of wear, some people found that the stitching started to unravel. The anti vibration quality could be improved by including more padding in the fingers; however, this might affect the dexterity of the pair. The 360 wrap around wrist support is not appreciated by all.

If you are completing tasks that include repetitive motions or constant vibration, you will appreciate the well thought out design of the Youngstowns. There is EVA foam, strategically placed on the palm of the hands and thumb. The 360 wrist wrap provides extra support, while relieving tension in the wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. The covering of the palm is heavy-duty, as well as being reinforced for durability. On the backside is double knuckle protection and a terry cloth wipe on the thumb for your convenience. Also, the memory foam stays in place and does not get displaced as many gels do.

Take care with the 360 strap. If you over tighten it, you can cause problems. It should fit loose enough to slide a finger down your wrist for proper support.

If you trim weeds, operate a jackhammer or a pneumatic tool, mow your lawn, or wack your weeds, you will benefit from the many health benefits of the Youngstowns. Care for cleaning is simple. The Youngstown s are machine washable. They are very cost-effectively priced, so there is no reason to deny providing the relief you seek when working.

Good price
Snug fit
360 wrap-around cuff for extra wrist support
Strategic padding
Machine washable, air dry on no heat or hang to dry
Built-in thumb wipe

Tight fit, consider ordering a size larger than you wear
360 wrist wrap can be hot in the summer
Individuals found that the stitching unraveled
Could use more padding in the fingers for anti-vibration
No special rating

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10.Vgo Road Work Anti Vibration Gloves

Looking for a perfect pair of anti-vibration mitts? Well, look no further since Vgo anti vibration gloves are the right accessories to consider. This asset has been designed to be ideal for persons who deal with assembly tools, DIY equipment and other heavy-duty tasks. This product has been constructed with high quality materials for an incredible service. You should ensure that you possess at least a pair of this asset before performing the next heavy-duty work.

Looking on the downside of this asset, you will be disappointed by the lessened durability aspect. This has been facilitated by the weak Velcro wrists and the loose seams which are prone to ripping. Consecutively, the sizing of Vgo is quite contrary to the normal such that you will be forced to buy a contradicting size. Conversely, this equipment does not function excellently when it comes to touchscreen operations. Apart from these demerits, the rest of the features far guarantee an outstanding experience.

On the upsides of this device, you will certainly be delighted with the reinforced high quality padding. This aspect attests to the product’s ability of absorbing impact and vibration. The EVA padding also enhances maximum dexterity of the mitts. The synthetic leather palm with textured PVC reinforcement attributes to the softness and a durable anti-slip grip when handling equipment. Touchscreen compatibility has been incorporated on the thumb and index finger for ease of smartphone control.

Looking on other merits of this accessory, you will love the limber Thermal Plastic Rubber knuckle guard which attribute to abrasion and impact resistance. Additionally, the three-dimensional hand modeling anticipate for an ergonomic stretch which guarantees an ample fitment. When it comes it cleaning these mitts, you will find it an easy ordeal since they have been designed to be machine washable.

Our final thoughts regarding this commodity are that it is an ideal tool for every individual who performs heavy duty works. The construction of this accessory anticipates for the outstanding features which guarantee an improved performance. Despite the few negativities associated with this item, the rest of the properties are far impeccable. You should opt to try out Vgo mitts for the best outcomes.

Enhanced dexterity
Excellent gripping
Impact resistant
Ease of maneuverability
Abrasion resistant
Ergonomic stretch
Machine washable

Weak Velcro wrists
Poor sizing
Decreased longevity
Lessened touchscreen capability

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Buyer’s Guide for the Best Anti Vibration Gloves

In many work applications or home situations, vibration is an issue. The problems can start out merely as an annoyance, but over time, vibration can seriously impair your ability to perform tasks or induce pain or give you an uncomfortable feeling in your fingers, wrists, or forearms. Eventually, you could develop tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It is wise to be proactive in preventing any harmful health complications. In most circumstances the ability to work with your hands is your bread and butter.

You may be familiar with wearing protective gear on your hands, but now you are looking for specific features that prevent issues due to vibration.

These list of high end anti vibration gloves suit many different work environments while having the right characteristics suitable for different circumstances. When evaluating all 10, there are several significant aspects that will help you make your decision.

Type of Certification

In many employment circumstances, your choice will be limited by certification. Before you make a final decision about the best anti-vibration gloves that suit your needs, you need to understand what is required by your job location. Since there are several types of certifications, you will need to be sure which one applies to you. At home, you have more freedom to match the type of hand covering to your exact needs, without worrying about certification.

Level of Protection Required

Some of the gloves have full hand protection from significant impact. Others come with a knit back of the hand that provides excellent flexibility but very little protection. If you are weed eating, sanding or running a tamper, the knit pairs might be very suitable. But if you work in the heavy industry handling large pieces of equipment, you will need impact resistance for your full hand.

Need for Durability

In some circumstances, you will be wearing the equipment for many different purposes. Consider the task of working in the bush, clearing the area with a chain saw. You need the anti vibration qualities of the gloves for running the chainsaw for hours at a time. But you will also need a highly abrasive palm for clearing the cut limbs.


To achieve the safety benefits, you need actually to wear the gloves. They must be comfortable enough to allow you to complete the job with minimal restrictions. However, a snug fit is often preferable as it aids with dexterity. If you handle small parts or tools, you may prefer open fingered equipment so that you can grasp them quickly. If your wrist gets sore, you may also look for a strap in the cuff to provide that extra support. So being comfortable will translate into wearing the appropriate protection every time you pick up a tool.

Weather Wise

Since work takes place in all weather conditions, you may be searching for hand protection that provides warmth for wintery tasks or coolness in the middle of summer. Perhaps you use the equipment in every weather so that water resistance will play a role as well. Probably two sets of gloves with different characteristics will cover all of the weather conditions for your circumstance.

Price Point for the Best Anti Vibration Gloves

For specific tasks such as welding or working on an oil rig, you need special hand protection. But for other jobs, such a trimming in your yard or riding the lawnmower, it may be more imperative to have the equipment at hand so you will be persuaded to wear them. Several inexpensive pairs might just be the trick. In such circumstances, you may opt for a pair or two to be stashed alongside the lawnmower or on the workbench for convenience. You can depend on the fact that they will always be handy when you decide to get around to it.

While the appearance may not be an over-riding factor, there are circumstances in which you prefer gloves that fit your lifestyle. So, if you use antivibration hand protection to ride your motorcycle or snowmobile, you want these gloves to complement your overall appearance.

There is no doubt that with careful consideration, you can find the perfect pair of best anti vibration gloves for jack hammer and sanding to protect your hands. There is no need to suffer from aching hands when the right pair of gloves can alleviate the problem.

sagi shiffer
He lives an active lifestyle and wearing gloves are part of his daily routine. This drive his passion for sports gear and accessories to share his ideas through this blog. He would like to educate readers about how important it is to take care of our hands.

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